Finding the SP of the Article

Statistics and probability
<p> 1. A trader, §§N2§§ buys §§V0(140,179,1)§§ sacks of wheat from the warehouse, paying a total of €§§V1(70000,79000,10)§§. She then transports it to a nearby town at the cost of €2280. If she made a total loss of §§V0(10,30,5)§§%, then at what price did she sell each sack of wheat? </p> <p> 2. What is the selling price of goods which cost €§§V4(100,300,5)§§ and were sold at a gain of §§V0(10,30,5)§§% </p> <p> 3. §§N0§§ buys §§V0(10,30,5)§§% camels for €50000. If he sells them for a profit of §§V3(10,20,5)§§%, find the selling price of one camels. </p> <p> 4. §§N0§§ buys §§V0(40,50,1)§§ sacks of foodgrains, but has to sell it all at a loss. She sells it at 1/6 of the price she bought it at, and gets €721.50. If instead, she wants to make a profit of 5/13 over the price she bought it at, then at what price does she have to sell the whole lot at? </p> <p> 5. A mobile phone was bought for €§§V6(233,300,5)§§ and €§§V0(10,30,5)§§ was spend on its transportation. At what price was it sold if the gain percent on the transaction was §§V0(10,30,5)§§% ? </p>
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