Calculation with fractions
<p>Tip [Advice in German]: \[\%=\frac{\mathcal{U}}{G}\] </p> <p>\[\frac{9}{25}=\frac{36}{100}\] = 36%</p> <p>36% of the boys do not like football.</p> <h2>Calculate the percentage. Round to one decimal place.</h2> <p>a) 3 kg of 7kg \[p\%=\frac{3}{7}\approx0,429=42,9\%\] </p> <p>b) 26 g of 357g \[p\%=\frac{26}{357}\approx0,073=7,3\%\] </p> <h2>Due to the conversion of an indoor swimming pool into a fun pool, the entrance fee increases from €3.50 to €6. By what percent did the entrance fee increase?</h2> <p>Moritz: \(G=6\epsilon\) W3,50 €; p%-?</p> <p>0,583-58,3%</p> <p>The entrance fee increased by 58.3%.</p>
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